Omni-Channel Commerce and Marketing

Engage your customers Like never before

Leverage the power of Tajjer platform to fulfill your omni-channel strategy

Consistent Experience

Target your customers across all channels, and enagage them with a meaningful omni-channel experience

Powerfull Analytics

Understand your data to make more informed decisions, utilize robust analytics to gain insights into all aspects of your business

Business Rules Engine

Your business, your rules. Tajjer platform offers a flexiable BRE to accomodate your business workflows, because one size does not fit all


Product SKUs


Efficiency increase in delivery


Increase in cart size


Useful Benefits

SaaS cloud subscription model out of the box pro-active solution.

Reliable Support

We are always here for you with a 99% uptime guarantee and a dedicated support team

Responsive Design

UI that transforms to fit your customer's device of choice


Scalable and secure cloud-based infrastructure

Order Management

Tajjer platform offers a next-generation order managment system

Smart Promotions

Market your products and services to the right audience

Social Media Integration

Understand what your customers are saying across all social media channels all on one platform


Explore Screenshots

Intuitive user experience across all channels

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